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Jarmen Kell

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Jarmen Kell
Gen1 Jarmen Kell.jpg

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army
G toxin.png Dr. Thrax
G stlth.png Kassad
G demo.png Rodall Juhziz
China.gif Leang




SVD Dragunov (anti-infantry)
KSVK sniper rifle (for armour-piercing)
Demolition charges (when under the command of Rodall Juhziz)

Hit points


Armour type

Human Armor



Build time


Produced by

GLA barracks





Ground attack

180 (225 with AP Bullets) (Sniper)




30 (20 if badly wounded)

Attack range


Sight range


Gen1 AP bullets Icons.png
AP Bullets
CNCG Pilot Kill Cameo.png
Sniper Attack
Gen1 Remote Demo Charge Icons.png
Remote Demo Charges (Juhziz only)
Gen1 Timed Demo Charge Icons.png
Timed Demo Charges (Juhziz only)
  • Strong vs. infantry and vehicles
  • Weak vs. scouts
What's the job?
- Jarmen Kell reporting for duty

Jarmen Kell (Arabic: جارمين كيل) was a highly skilled Arabian sharpshooter in the employ of the GLA during the events of Generals, Zero Hour and Generals 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jarmen Kell
Concept drawing of Jarmen Kell in Generals 2
Concept drawing of Jarmen Kell in Generals 2
Biographical information


Political information

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army



Game information

Little is known about Kell. He is an expert marksman, who approaches his job with cold-blooded, level-headed professionalism and is talented enough to snipe the pilot of any land vehicle, from a truck down to the mighty Chinese Overlord tank. He is also a master of camouflage, who can remain unseen to the enemy, breaking cover only to take the shot.

Second GLA War[edit | edit source]

Generals2logo.png The following is based on content cut from Command & Conquer (2013) and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

According to several cutscene storyboards of Generals 2, an aged Jarmen Kell would have appeared in the GLA campaign.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

CNCG Pilot Kill Cameo.png Sniper Attack Jarmen Kell eliminates a vehicle's driver, leaving it neutral until an infantry unit commandeers it.
Gen1 Timed Demo Charge Icons.png
Timed Demo Charge Plants a timed explosive. Available to Rodall Juhziz only.
Gen1 Remote Demo Charge Icons.png
Remote Demo Charge Plants a remotely detonated explosive. Available to Rodall Juhziz only.
Gen1 Detonate Charges Icons.png
Detonate Charges Detonates the remote detonated explosive(s). Available to Rodall Juhziz only.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Gen1 AP bullets Icons.png Armor-Piercing Bullets Improves Jarmen Kell's sniper rifle so he can assassinate commandos with a single shot. Purchasable at any Black Market for a cost of $2000

In-game[edit | edit source]

Regular infantry is helpless against Jarmen Kell. While his ordinary sniper rounds bounces off vehicles, he is periodically able to fire a shot that could disable them by killing the crew. The player then has the option of using any infantry unit (including Jarmen Kell) to send it to the disabled vehicle, placing that vehicle under the player's control. This can even be used against enemy construction dozers, giving the captor access to American or Chinese technology. Kell could also garrison buildings undetected, giving GLA commanders an advantage in urban warfare.

Under Rodall Juhziz, Kell is able to infiltrate enemy bases and place demolition charges (both timed and manual) on enemy buildings much like his American nemesis, Colonel Burton. Kell is very useful as a scout, as he has a wide sight range and is not often detected by the enemy. He can also mount a combat cycle for a speed boost, retaining his basic sniper rifle and his pilot-killing ability. Although vulnerable to base defenses, he can snipe out soldiers within a Stinger site, then let other units destroy it, or let allied aircraft through.

On the other hand, enemy forces could quickly trace any shots fired back to Kell and apprehend him with anti-infantry units (Kell was as soft as any other infantryman in this respect). He had to be very careful to sneak past stealth-detecting units and base defenses. One such particular rival, other than the opposing commando Colonel Burton, proved to be American Pathfinders. Their training enabled them to spot enemies using stealth techniques, while remaining hidden themselves, and their sniper skills were almost a match for Kell's.

American sentry drones were a particularly good counter to Kell, as he was both weak against vehicles and the drones were unmanned. Air units could easily take him out without fear of retaliation, provided he was not stealthed. King Raptors could detect him and kill him if he was standing still. If he is detected inside a structure, letting infantry garrison the structure will force him to leave it, and blow his cover for a while.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

What's the job?
- When emerging from the Barracks
I have something to give them!
- General Juhziz's version, when emerging from the Barracks
Preparing my tools.
- When selected
No one escapes.
- When selected
I hear you...
- When selected
I am waiting.
- When selected
Armed with demolitions.
- General Juhziz's version, when selected
Let's blow something up.
- General Juhziz's version, when selected
New spotting position.
- When moving
I will slip in.
- When moving
I move in the shadows.
- When moving
- When moving
Anything else?
- When moving
Who's next?
- When ordered to attack
Not a challenge.
- When ordered to attack
This won't take long.
- When ordered to attack
I don't care who they are...
- When ordered to attack
Business is business.
- When ordered to attack
I'm in too close!
- Under fire
They've spotted me!
- Under fire
I need an escape route!
- Under fire
I can't get away!
- Under fire
Quick, I need a diversion!
- Under fire
They won't notice.
- When ordered to garrison building
I will wait there.
- When ordered to garrison building
A good vantage point.
- When ordered to garrison building
Who's the target?
- When ordered to use Sniper Attack
He's in my cross-hairs.
- When using Sniper Attack
Lining him up.
- When using Sniper Attack
- When using Sniper Attack
Pick him off!
- When using Sniper Attack
He's not protected in there.
- When using Sniper Attack
Demo charge is ready.
- When ordered to use Remote/Timed Demo Charge
This will finish them!
- When ordered to use Remote/Timed Demo Charge
Ready to plant.
- When ordered to use Remote/Timed Demo Charge
There will be nothing left!
- When planting the Remote/Timed Demo Charge
They will be destroyed!
- When planting the Remote/Timed Demo Charge
I will give them a gift!
- When planting the Remote/Timed Demo Charge

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Soviet sniper Natasha Volkova uses a functionally-identical rifle and also has the ability to snipe vehicle crews.
  • Curiously, though perhaps an unintended glitch, Kell's sniper rounds are able have an unexpected effect on firebases, as about three rounds could destroy one of them. This is probably because Kell's sniper rifle would kill the Fire Base's crew (spotter, gunner, etc.). As defensive structures cannot be captured, they are simply destroyed.
  • The Sniper Attack ability icon is actually aiming an enemy on a building's roof, but Jarmen Kell cannot snipe infantry garrisoned in structures.
  • Jarmen Kell is the only hero who appears in the campaign as an enemy:
    • In the mission Nuclear Winter, it is possible for Jarmen Kell to be killed (or at least severely wounded) by flushing him out of the building he is in.
    • In the mission Black Gold, Jarmen Kell will hide on a small hill near the oil fields, GLA enemy will rebuild him if he is killed.
    • In the mission Hidden Agenda, Jarmen Kell is near Prince Kassad's main Command Center.
    • In the mission Burning Skies, Jarmen Kell will be among the second wave of fleeing enemy, he must be seeked out and killed or the mission will fail.
  • If the player uses Jarmen Kell to hijack a disabled vehicle in the original Generals, the player will not be able to recruit another Jarmen Kell as the game still considers him as alive, and the player has to let that Jarmen Kell-driven vehicle be destroyed in order to be able to recruit another Jarmen Kell. In Zero Hour, the player can recruit another Jarmen Kell if he has been used to commandeer a disabled enemy vehicle. The same also applies to Colonel Burton and Black/Super Lotus.

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