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Jefferson Memorial

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Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial.jpg

Washington DC


North America


Memorial site


United States of America

Appears in

Red Alert 2


Hail to the Chief

Jefferson Memorial is a monument dedicated to US president Thomas Jefferson. It is located along the Potomac river of Washington DC.

Red Alert universe[edit | edit source]

Third World War[edit | edit source]

At the start of Operation: Hail to the Chief, Jefferson Memorial was the rendezvous point of the Allies' Washington DC garrison that was not affected by the Psychic Beacon. The memorial did suffer some damage but was subsequently repaired by Allied engineers for bonus crates. After the operation's success the Allies retreated to the Pentagon, leaving the memorial to be taken over by the Soviets. By the time of Operation: Liberty the memorial was weakened structurally and unwittingly played host to a front-line Soviet base assaulting the Pentagon. The Allies counterattacked and destroyed that Soviet base, and repaired Jefferson Memorial for additional credits.

In the non-canon Soviet campaign, the memorial was cut off from the rest of the city during General Vladmir's occupation. However it was kept in good condition and was the main destination for pickup trucks to arrive. In Desecration a Soviet commander repaired the bridge connecting the site to the city and demolished the structure for extra resources.