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Jim Blair's Straight News



Washington DC
New York


United States

Parent company



Jim Blair

Jim Blair's Straight News was the parent of W3N after the Third Tiberium War. The news organisation became involved with the Fourth Tiberium War when it was broadcasting Kane's announcement at Threshold 19.

Speech at Kane's Tower[edit | edit source]

Jim Blair's news came from Kane's tower in Italy, saying that the Nod forces have healed together and creating the Brotherhood "unified". Everyone cheered as Kane spoke of how they would all ascend together. As he said the words, "Peace Through Power", an assassin opened fire and shot the messiah. Colonel James said it was not a confirmed kill, but Parker went for his next mission as James said "Don't think, don't speak, just finish him!".

PEACE THROUGH POW... (gunshot)
- Kane in saying the words before being gravely wounded at Threshold 19.