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Image of GDI's Johannesburg research archives and ASAT facility
Image of GDI's Johannesburg research archives and ASAT facility

Republic of South Africa




Low Tiberium contamination


Blue Zone



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Kane's Wrath


Keys to the Kingdom

GDI's Johannesburg base is one of particular importance to the Global Defense Initiative. Located in the capital of Blue Zone B-10, the Johannesburg research archives and space command complex is home to a number of research facilities containing detailed plans related to GDI's Ion Cannon network and the ASAT defense system. It's also of strategic importance as it's the primary GDI installation in Blue Zone B-10, just barely bordering Yellow Zone Y-2.

In 2046, a Nod task force, led by the LEGION AI construct and directed by Alexa Kovacs, infiltrated the GDI base and temporarily disconnected the base from the global Ion Cannon network. This enabled LEGION to sever the GDI archives from the Johannesburg local Ion Cannon, which completely cut off GDI from any space-based support.

The severing of GDI's space weaponry from Johannesburg local control enabled a strike force of Nod Shadow Teams and a Commando to capture the research archives long enough to completely acquire a copy of GDI's ASAT defense plans and severely damage the base. GDI InOps believes the loss of these plans to Nod intelligence was a key factor in the loss of the GDSS Philadelphia, as one important basis for the Ion Cannon and ASAT defense networks was the control facility at the Goddard Space Center. By letting Nod acquire this information, Killian Qatar and other Nod strategic planners were able to strike at the heart of GDI civilian leadership.

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