Kane: Visionary or Maniac?

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Kane: Visionary or Maniac? is a book that was published by Carlos Del Mar, which focused on Kane and included a fragment on Marcion.

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

Once the leader of the Brotherhood's religious wing, charged with proselytizing the prophecies of Kane, Marcion grew disillusioned with the Brotherhood and its leader as the Second Tiberium War drew to a close. Increasingly outspoken, few within the Inner Circle were surprised when Marcion was the first to break with Nod following their devastating series of losses, branding the decreased Prophet a charlatan and retreating to the Australian outback.

Marcion was not quiet for long; his powerful oratorical skills and deeply ascetic lifestyle won him many devotees in what would come to be known as Yellow Zones. Within a year with his break from Nod, Marcion had organised his followers into a disciplined theocratic army - the "new" Black Hand. Dedicated to spreading "truth and purity of the Tiberium prophecy,” their popular support continues to grow amongst the increasingly splintered Nod survivors.

Rumours that GDI had a hand in Marcion's break with Kane remains unsubstantiated.''