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Khalkis Island

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Khalkis Island

Behind the Lines



Part of

Second World War


Khalkis Island (known as Chalcis Island), Greece


Soviet mining victory
Allied retreat from the island


Soviet Union

Allied Forces


Mine the Ore
Capture the communications center to respond to Allied projects.

Stop all Soviet forces from stealing the ore and recapture the island.


Soviet Commander (Red Alert 1)
Josef Stalin

Nikos Stavros


Military arsenal including Ore Collectors

Relieving forces from the failed attempt to defend Berlin
Greek divisions and resistance

Khalkis island contains a large quantity of ore that we need. The Allies are well aware of our plans, and intend to establish their own base there. See to it that they fail. In addition, capture their radar center so we can track Allied activity in this area.
- Mission briefing

The Invasion of Khalkis Island was ordered by Stalin shortly after the fall of Berlin. It was the fifth mission in the Soviet campaign of Red Alert.

Background[edit | edit source]

Berlin fell under Soviet control and destroyed Allied elites who refused to surrender the whole city. The next mission was Khalkis Island in Greece, known to be full of ore. Stalin decided to use it to fund his war effort. He appointed his newly promoted Commander to crush any resistance on the island and begin mining operations.

Mission Events[edit | edit source]

  • The Commander suddenly used his military arsenal and attacked the Allies on the island.
  • He destroyed Greek resistance and its divisions, including relieving forces from the Fall of Berlin.
  • With the communications center captured, he finally starts collecting ore for the Soviets' war effort.
  • With the mission accomplished, Allied Forces start retreating throughout the continent.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Yak strafe above Rangers (mission accomplished cutscene)
Red Alert Missions