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South-west Zaire






Capital City


Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


Battle for Zaire

Kinshasa is the capital city of Zaire where it is the second of two GDI strongholds that were destroyed along with Lodja as said about many GDI bases being abandoned and captured by the Brotherhood of Nod to use a bazaar of terrorist arms between Kane's troops in Africa and the President of Zaire's much-needed recruits.

First Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

With the battle at Lodja beginning now, the Nod Commander with Zaire's President in assistance guided towards the capital city of Zaire known as Kinshasa. The GDI Commander at Kinshasa was alarmed at the Nod forces and attacked them using peacekeeping forces and government members of the Global Defense Initiative overlooking the battle being acted as the new leaders of Zaire. The Nod forces were no match to GDI because of the weapons used in Nod's enemies were turned against each other like a civil war back at both Oum Hadjer and Mao in Chad. The Brotherhood pushed into the open, destroyed the GDI Construction Yard and had killed the GDI Commander of Kinshasa. The government members were overthrown by the President of Zaire now believed to working for the Brotherhood of Nod.

The loss of two GDI Commanders and the main Commander in the country fled back to Egypt to make an offensive across the country. Zaire proved Nod as their hero in the First Tiberium War, but GDI had no relations to them which included rowdy tensions going on in both parliaments of Paris under Honore Prichard and London under Francis Weatherell.