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Laser weaponry (Generals)

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For other Laser weaponry.

A laser (LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a concentrated beam of light, which has high energy-intensity.

A rather new type of weapon system uses laser beams as a direct-energy based projectile against specific targets. Since laser beams travel at the speed of light they are almost impossible to dodge, unlike conventional ballistics; furthermore they are extremely precise. A current weakness is their limited range, as the crucial heat energy needed to deliver damage dissipates quite quickly over distance, and also the large amount of power required. US General Townes has successfully deployed a Laser tank in the field, based on the Crusader chassis, and a similar stationary Laser Turret. Anti-aircraft lasers have also been fitted to the slow-moving Avenger support vehicle, in place of missile batteries. For now such high-intensity laser weapons remain bulky and limited to uses on such heavy vehicles and stationary turrets.

However, lasers of a lesser intensity have proven their practicality and worth in the field of anti-missile countermeasures for both ground and air vehicles alike. Starting with the prototype PDL mounted on the Paladin tank, and the more advanced version fitted on the Avenger, the design was refined to a point where it could even be retrofitted to aircraft. This was a particular focus of General Granger.

Examples[edit | edit source]

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