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Leech Beam

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RA3 Gameicon.png
Give me that.
- Hammer Tank, gunning the leech beam on its target
RA3 Hammer Tank Variants.png

The TS1 Tsarsky Leech Beam is a support device carried by Soviet Hammer tanks. It was an offshoot of the Magnetic Beam used on the Apocalypse Tank.

The beam removed material from a target vehicle which could be used to repair the tank's armor. The tank might also gain weapon systems from the target. The leech beam and the tank's weapons could not be used simultaneously. Also, the beam could not be targeted at aircraft.

Game Effect[edit | edit source]

The beam may only "steal" weapons which may attack ground or air targets. For example, the beam may target a Naginata Cruiser, but it may not take the cruisers torpedoes since these may only target naval units.

It is possible for the Hammer to gain anti-aircraft weapons, or more powerful anti-vehicle or anti-infantry weapons. Only one weapon may be stolen per tank, and once stolen may not be replaced.

Allied vehicle Weapon gained
Riptide ACV AP machine gun
Multigunner IFV AA rocket pods
Guardian tank 90mm Smoothbore cannon
Athena Cannon Laser designator
Hydrofoil AA CIWS cannon
Mirage Tank Spectrum cannon
Assault destroyer Gauss cannon
Aircraft Carrier Sky Knight Scout drone
Pacifier FAV None
Future Tank Neutron Cannon
Imperial vehicle Weapon gained
Tsunami Tank Plasma AT-cannon
Mecha Tengu/Jet Tengu Kinetic-burst AP autocannon
Striker VX/Chopper VX AA rocket pod
Wave-Force artillery Wave-Force cannon
Imperial Ore Collector AP Machinegun
King Oni King Oni Head, Radiant Plasma-Cannons
Shogun Battleship Shirada 400mm cannon
Steel Ronin Naginata Cannon (Not torpedoes)
Giga Fortress Anti-Air and Anti-Tank rockets
Soviet vehicle Weapon gained
Hammer Tank 85mm cannon
Apocalypse Tank Drakon cannon
Sickle AP machine gun
Bullfrog AA flak cannon
Stingray Tesla cannon
Tesla tank Tesla cannon
V4 Rocket Laucher Long range rocket launcher
Dreadnought Long range rocket launcher
Reaper AP machine gun
Grinder None
Mortar Cycle None