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North-Western Gabon






Capital of Gabon


First Tiberium War

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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn



Libreville is the capital and largest city of Gabon, in west central Africa. The city is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea, and a trade center for a timber region. As of 2005 it had a population of 578,156.

The city is home to a shipbuilding industry, brewing industry and sawmills. The city exports raw materials such as wood, rubber and cocoa from the city's main port, and the deepwater port at Owendo.

History[edit | edit source]

The area was inhabited by the Mpongwé tribe long before the French acquired the land in 1839. In 1846, L'Elizia, a Brazilian ship carrying slaves for sale, was captured by the French navy near Loango. The slaves were freed and founded Libreville (French for "Freetown") in 1848. It was the chief port of French Equatorial Africa from 1934 to 1946 and was the central focus of the Battle of Gabon in 1940.

Libreville was named in imitation of Freetown and grew only slowly as a trading post and a minor administrative centre to a population of 32,000 on independence in 1960. It only received its first bank branch when Bank of West Africa (BAO) opened a branch in 1930. Since independence, the city has grown rapidly and now houses nearly half the national population.

Tiberium Universe[edit | edit source]

First Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

Following their success in gaining control of the Tiberium fields near Koula-Moutou, Nod forces drove the GDI from the city and overthrew the government, which while earlier Nod aligned had betrayed them and aligned with the GDI. Nod forces were welcomed as liberators by the people of Libreville.

Following this a new Nod supporting government was installed in Libreville and it is assumed to have stayed in power until the end of the war as Nod remained in control of Gabon until the end of the war.