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Lillian Parker
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Biographical information

2077 (GDI campaign)

  • Deceased (GDI campaign)
  • Alive (Nod campaign)



Parker (husband)

Game information

Tiberian Twilight


Emily Hampshire

I miss you when you are on duty.
- Lilly Parker, to Commander Parker

Lillian Parker is the wife of the Commander appearing in Tiberian Twilight.

She is played by Emily Hampshire.

Background[edit | edit source]

Wife of the Commander, she suffered great emotional stress when her husband was wounded in the line of duty and lost his sight. She supported him and helped in these difficult times and when the opportunity arose, she continued to help him through the optical implants surgery and adaptation process, becoming friends with Dr Johann Pascal. However, she dislikes her husband's tendency to drift away when browsing the world wide video streams via his implants.

Character development[edit | edit source]

GDI Campaign[edit | edit source]

Did your friend Colonel James not share this with you? No, of course she didn't.
- Kane, revealing the friendly fire report to Commander Parker

If the player chooses to side with Colonel Louise James, he is sent to secure civilian shelters in New Adana, under attack from Gideon fanatics, on May 6th, 2077. In one of these shelters is the commander's wife, who contacts him several times during the mission, oblivious to the Gideon's carnage. When the last shelter is secured, the transport lifts off, only to be hit a tactical nuclear missile. Lillian is shocked by sound of the explosion but her communication link is cut. After the mission, Sergeant Nash reports that Lillian or her body is nowhere to be found.

During the epilogue, Kane reveals that the Colonel failed to inform the commander that Lillian died by friendly fire, when the B13 squadron of Orca bombers were given incorrect coordinates: Instead of a Nod terrorist hideout, they bombed civilian center at sector J24, killing Lillian.

Nod Campaign[edit | edit source]

You said he would be fine!
- Lilly, to Kane

If the player sides with Kane, she will instead be attacked by Nod Separatists, and the Commander presumes her dead. Kane later reveals, however, that she is in a stable condition, and uses her safety as leverage to encourage the Commander to engage Colonel James, his old superior officer. When the Commander dies at the Threshold Tower, Lilly Parker will be there to cry at the last minutes of the Commander's life.

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