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A limousine in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
A limousine in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2



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A Limousine is a civilian vehicle which shows off the fortune of its owner. It is often seen with political leaders like President Dugan, other world leaders met in London, and Ackerman. Some limousines were specially armoured to protect their passengers during minor battles, but it could not stand long without proper defense. Limousines were seen during the Third World War, the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the War of the Three Powers and the First GLA War.

Red Alert universe[edit | edit source]

RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

During the Operation The Fox and the Hound, a limousine was seen in a fortification surrounding the Alamo, to which it transported the American president Dugan. The Allies failed to protect him against Psi-Corps troopers and Yuri forced Dugan to surrender the United States.

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, limousines are seen at the Parliament House during Operation Trick or Treaty transporting Allied and Soviet leaders there to sign a temporary alliance.

Ackerman used his limousine to escape the Allied base near Mount Rushmore during the War of the Three Powers.

Generals universe[edit | edit source]

During the Operation Blue Eagle in the First GLA War, a UN diplomat was seen in a limousine with an escort of two Humvee transports to protect him as he arrives at the city square for a peace negotiation with the GLA. After the UN convoy stopped outside the city square, two car bombs went off, destroying the Humvees, while the limousine escaped the blast. It was later destroyed by assassins, killing the diplomat.

After the incident which was a trick into continue the war, a limousine was used to transport Deathstrike, an infamous GLA commander to the airport to seek revenge on the Americans during GLA's Operation The Great Escape (known as Operation Flight of Deathstrike among American generals). After a car chase throughout the city, Deathstrike escaped to the airport and left by plane to Akmola, where he would become as the new leader of the GLA.