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Central Zaire






Small town
Home to Lodja Airport
One of two GDI bases


Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


Battle for Zaire

Lodja is a town in central Zaire where one of two GDI strongholds is located by Nod intelligence as an imminent threat to Nod's invasion of Zaire and part of their own offensive since the Algerian takeover by Nod.

First Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

After the success of stealing an ORCA Assault Craft, Nod's First Tiberium War is progressing well. Kane orders his superior to go into Zaire to make an offensive against the Global Defense Initiative in Lodja. The Nod forces arrive there and find that the village is occupied by a GDI stronghold and attacks it causing a fight to start off and use tactical strategies one by one which isn't going good. The Nod Commander destroyed the main stronghold's Construction Yard killing the GDI Commander in charge of Lodja and managed to find the GDI Commander of Bangassou whom they executed after the expulsion of peacekeeping forces after the Commander fled the country in retreat. The Nod Commander meanwhile soon awaits his colleague to hit Kinshasa, the Zairian capital and make a government surrender in the city square through the parliament of Zaire.