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Lola Merkova

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Lola Merkova
Biographical information

Alive (TW1)



Political information

Anti-Nod resistance


Civilian resistance leader

Game information


Lola Merkova (nicknamed Babushka, which is Russian for "old woman") was an elderly woman who led the civilian resistance movement against Nod when they were occupying their village. When Captain Nick Parker and the Dead 6 were moving through the village, she and her organization, with the help of the Resistance Radio, informed them about any deeds he could do to hamper Nod's progress.

Eventually she was captured and held captive by a Nod minigunner officer and a Black Hand soldier for interrogation. Havoc killed both of them and saved the elderly lady. She has been a town figurehead for many years.

She survived Nod's nuclear attack on the town and still relayed information to Havoc.

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