M.O. Morelli

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M.O. Morelli
Biographical information
Gender Female
Political information
Affiliation CNCR GDILogo.png Global Defense Initiative
Occupation Air Force commander
A-10 pilot
Rank Colonel
Game information
Appearances Tiberian Dawn
Actress Wendy Bagger

Colonel M.O Morelli was the commander of GDI's air force.


She is a hands-on commander who oversees battles and brief commanders from the seat of her own A-10 Warthog. She is a responsible leader with a cheerful personality. Apart from briefing field commanders when necessary, she also performs field tests, for example, of the ORCA Assault Craft.[1]

She oversees the recovery of nuclear reactor fuel rods from the Brotherhood[2] as well as the defence of Białystok from advancing Nod forces.[3]

Behind the scenes

Morelli was played by Wendy Bagger.


In Stolen Property briefing
In Orcastration briefing


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