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M16 Mk. II pulse rifle

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The M16 Mk. II pulse rifle is the primary assault rifle of GDI and Nod light infantry units during the Second Tiberium War. There were at least four different versions of the rifle manufactured by both sides, chambered for .22 caliber ammunition fired using a pulse action mechanism.

They are designed to interface with HUDs of modern armour (such as the GDI combat suits).

Of the variants, Nod's primary model was most identifiable as a descendent of the M16, together with an under-barrel grenade launcher.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • GDI's second variant is very similar to the M41A Pulse Rifle from James Cameron's Aliens; in fact, an M41A prop was used to portray the weapon in some live-action footage.
  • GDI's first variant is seen being carried by cyborg soldiers in the season 3 premier episode of the sci-fi series Sliders.
  • GDI's first variant is also a modified Ruger Mini-14 and is the same gun as the USMC issue M590 Pulse Rifle from Space: Above and Beyond.

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