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Mao Civil War

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Mao Civil War
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Blight On Oum Hadjer


Warthog Hunt

Part of

First Tiberium War


Early in the First Tiberium War


Near Mao in Chad

  • Nod aligned village saved
  • GDI aligned forces defeated
  • GDI aligned village massacred
  • Nod soldiers
  • Nod aligned village
  • GDI aligned village
  • GDI aligned forces

Destroy the GDI-aligned village and protect the Nod-aligned village.

Destroy the Nod-aligned village and protect the GDI-aligned village.

  • Seth
  • An unknown Nod commander
  • Leader of the Nod supporting faction
  • Leader of the GDI supporting faction
  • Commander of local GDI aligned forces

Minigunners, Rocket infantry, Buggies, Recon bikes.

Minigunners, Grenadiers, Humvees, APCs , one Medium Tank.

A small village friendly to our cause has been increasingly harassed by GDI, and the Brotherhood wishes you to assist them in their efforts. Seek out the enemy village and destroy it. The event will be disguised as a GDI attack.
- Mission briefing

Mao Civil War is one of the two choices in the fourth mission of the Nod campaign of Command & Conquer.

Background[edit | edit source]


In Africa, civil wars are not uncommon, and the Mao in Chad is no exception. In the initial stages of the First Tiberium War, at least two villages in Mao were engaged in a ruthless civil war, one of them allied with the Brotherhood of Nod and the other with the Global Defense Initiative. In order to ensure the victory of their side in the war and check Nod influence, the GDI armed and supplied the GDI supporting side which led to the escalation of the conflict as Nod reinforced it's own side.

Battle and massacre[edit | edit source]


The Brotherhood moved a strike force in the area, consisting of a squad of minigunners and rocket infantry, a few buggies and some recon bikes, which supplemented by the meager firepower of the villagers fought against the GDI presence in the area. They proceeded to overrun and destroy the opposing village, massacring their enemies.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Nod control of Chad allowed them to move into Mauritania through Mali and attack GDI airfields.

With their supporters saved and their enemies exterminated Nod forces were able to recruit their supporters into their forces in Chad.  Along with the Blight On Oum Hadjer which saw the extermination of GDI supporting populations in another region of Chad, it paved the way for Nod's swift takeover of that formerly neutral country.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Failed rescue mission (mission start cinematic)
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