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Maps (Rivals)

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Map structure[edit | edit source]

Maps are composed of hexagonal tiles. In game the length (longest diagonal) of a tile is 12 units. All maps are symmetrical, have the height of 7 tiles and width of 9 tiles in the edges. Available maximum width depends on the map.

Flatland[edit | edit source]

CNCRiv map element flat symbol.png Can be traversed and occupied by all unit types.

Tiberium[edit | edit source]

Tiberium crystals on map

CNCRiv map element tiberium symbol.png Each side of the map has four Tiberium patches. When harvested, it increases the Tiberium income and can be minded for a 100 seconds, after it is depleted, it changes to a flatland. Tiberium fields damage infantry units 5 HP per second.

Location of the Tiberium on the map influences the Harvester safety. Factors that can influence the Harvester safety:

  • if Tiberium is close to the spawn point, new units can quickly reach the Harvester to defend it;
  • if Tiberium is near the pads, Harvesters are threatened by the units that contest those pads;
  • if Tiberium is at the edges of the map, it's easier to defend, because enemy units can't attack Harvesters while at the same time avoiding defending units.

Compare relatively safe Fortress to the very hostile Middle Oasis.

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

CNCRiv map element obstacle symbol.png Obstacles impede movement and firing options of ground vehicles and structures can't be built there. For aircraft obstacles are the same as flatland.

Obstacles come in two varieties — lakes and rocks. All long range units can shoot over lakes. Rocks block straight-line ground-to-ground attacks like Sniper team or Giga-cannon. Rocks don't block any ground-to-air or air-to-ground attacks. GDI hovercraft can treat lakes just like flatland.

If the map has a lot of obstacles, it favors flying units.

Silo[edit | edit source]

Missile silo acts as a rock obstacle, except even aircraft can't fly over it. On the minimap it's designated as a missing tile in the middle of the map.

Pads[edit | edit source]

CNCRiv map element pad symbol.png Pads are similar to the flatland, except structures can't be built on them. A single pad can span three or four tiles.

Base[edit | edit source]

CNCRiv map element GDI base symbol.png CNCRiv map element Nod base symbol.png Base takes up 5 tiles and behaves like a tall structure — it can be targeted, but no unit can move through it.

Spawn point[edit | edit source]

Tile near the base where the new units appear. Spawn point is not visible in the minimap, but in game is indicated by a damaged flatland tile.

Alphabetical index[edit | edit source]

To view full map image, click on the minimap.