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Mark Skaggs
Mark Skaggs.jpeg
Biographical information
Gender Male
Political information
Affiliation Texas Instruments (1986-1989)
Altsys (1989-1993)
Tetragon, Inc. (1993-1997)
Westwood Studios (1997-1998)
Westwood/EA Pacific (1998-2003)
Electronic Arts Los Angeles (2003-2005)
Funstar Ventures (2006-2011)
Trilogy Studios (2005-2006)
Zynga (2008-2015)
RRKidz - Reading Rainbow (2010-2012)
Apmetrix (2013-present)
Moonfrog Labs (2016-present)
Occupation Programmer

Mark Skaggs is a video game programmer and producer. He first entered the industry with his own company Tetragon, Inc. in 1993. In August 1997, he joined Westwood Studios. In August 1998, after the studio's acquisition by Electronic Arts, he was appointed as vice-president of the Westwood Pacific branch, where he also took the role of executive producer in all its projects, and remained in both positions after the studio was merged with Electronic Arts Los Angeles in 2003.

On 8 December 2004, Skaggs announced Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to select Command & Conquer fan communities[1], but despite its short pre-production stage in early 2005, Electronic Arts gave the project a window of nine months to complete, which he refused and took a leave of absence, eventually leaving the company in May 2005 despite meetings made to convince him to stay.[2]

After founding and running the short-lived company Trilogy Studios, he was a managing member in Funstar Ventures and senior vice-president of games at Zynga between November 2008 and October 2015.

He is currently an advisory member at Apmetrix (since January 2013) and director and board member at Moonfrog Labs (since 2016).


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