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Deceased (executed)



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Today's Execution anchorman

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Tiberian Sun


Thyme Lewis

Maychek was a Nod propaganda anchorman, notably for the series Today's Execution.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the Nod Reunification War, Maychek operated under orders from the would-be pharaoh, Hassan. He was working in a TV station in Benghazi, Libya and worked alongside Oxanna Kristos, a news reporter for the station. When she freed Slavik, he was the one to announce that she died in a "tunnel collapse near her home", a fact about which Slavik joked to Oxanna.

When Slavik began his rise to power, Maychek was one of the first to be executed for treason - by the smiling Oxanna, on air.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Maychek's proper name form is unknown, but given the fact that he is a Nod member, he could be named after the Croatian politician Vladko Maček (pronounced Machek), since many Nod members originate from the Balkans. This is highly possible given that Oxanna could have pronounced his name incorrectly. Also note that her pronounciation sounds very similar to if one would pronounce Maček's surname as English. However, his physical appearance and race do not support this theory.

Maychek is played by Thyme Lewis.

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