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May Day.jpg
Geographic data
Environment Snowy, urban
Skirmish information
Players 2
Game information
Missions Chrono Storm

Mayday is a two-player skirmish map for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.


Game map

The map features several tech oil derricks, a tech hospitals and two tech airports held up near both opponents' bases in the north and south. The skirmish map has two locations, one of them is in the north and the other one is in the south. With naval activity relatively stuck at the river, ground forces or air superiority would be the perfect choice to defeat the enemy. The top player is mostly protected from naval assaults, while the bottom player is severely exposed.


  • Mayday is a term used by pilots and seamen when in distress.
  • The design of the map is inspired by the final mission of the Allied campaign, Chrono Storm.

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