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Mechanized Walkers (Red Alert)

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For walkers in the Tiberium Universe.
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Soviet Walkers[edit | edit source]

Third World War[edit | edit source]

During the Third World War, USSR developed the Terror Drone. These small, fast, robotic units spider-like can burrows inside and slowly tear Allied vehicles apart before they ever entered into combat, allow Red Army weaken Allied armor forces before their own vehicles ever arrive, giving their stronger and more heavily designed tanks the edge. Terror Drones aslo are on the cutting edge of the worlds robotic technology, being even more advanced then their Allied counterpart, the Robot Tank, due to their individual, self sufficient AI systems and complex motion controls.

War of the Three Powers[edit | edit source]

During the War of the Three Powers, the Soviets further deployed walkers in the following forms:

  • The Terror drone now has ability to swim in water and therefore can attack ships
  • Sickle was armed with deadly PKX 12.7 mm machinegun to take down a large ground of enemy infantry before they get close to the Soviet base
  • Tesla Trooper is now imume to the biting teeth of Attack Dog and War Bear which their new armor suit while still bulky and tough enough to not be crush by the power of tank treads as it's predecessor had been.
  • Stingray is a amphibious vessel wielding the deadly power of electricity.

Uprising[edit | edit source]

During the Uprising, Soviets developed Desolators, who use Powered toxin suit base on the armor of Tesla trooper as well a the old prototypes of Sickles, the Reapers.

Imperial Walkers[edit | edit source]

See also Empire of the Rising Sun

King Oni's are the empires heavy assault walkers

The Empire of the Rising Sun is obsessed with technology, robots in particular. During World War III the Empire mass-produced robotic or semi-robotic walkers for use on the battlefield. Often, they have the ability to transform into another unit type.

  • Mecha Tengu: anti-infantry robotic walker, except that it did not walk but rather hover over the battlefield, allowing it to cross bodies of water.
  • Striker-VX: also known to Allied commanders as "chicken", these anti-air battle walkers have the ability to transform into powerful Chopper VX missile helicopters.
  • Steel Ronin: not strictly a robot, but rather court-martialled soldiers who were sentenced to be encased in a metallic body, and later awakened to fight as naginata-wielding armoured warriors. The Steel Ronin represented a sort of synthesis between human and machine.
  • King Oni: monstrosities which can crush vehicles underneath their feet and fire laser beams out of their "eyes".
  • Shogun Executioner: the biggest and most powerful walker known to have been produced by any of the factions in World War III, this tri-bodied robot wield a massive wave-force katana which can devastating anything in its path.

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