Military Resistance (Nod)

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Military Resistance is a factor given as a % and used by Nod EVA and used in relation to nations.  It represents not the actual military strength of the nation but how much of the national military forces would actually resist were Nod forces to attempt to install a friendly regime in power at the expense of the existing regime. National military forces in this case probably represent the entirety of the militery forces of a given nation that are active, including armed rebels. It probably does not represent foreign forces present in the nation including core GDI forces.

Military Resistance would be undermined by the following factors.

  • Armed groups opposed to the government.
  • Pro-Nod sympathy within the military leadership.
  • Defection or desertion from the rank and file.
  • Guerilla resistance to an earlier military occupation.
  • Civil War
  • Civilian Pro-Nod groups with access to weaponry in the nation
  • Willingness of military forces to surrender rather than fight
  • Elimination of resisting forces

Military Resistance of African countries at time of Nod intervention[edit | edit source]

  • South Africa 100% Mil. Str. Formidable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Egypt 100% Mil. Str. Reasonable (GDI Democracy: 2nd Nod conquest)
  • Botswana 92% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Parliamentary Republic)
  • Mozambique 84% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Egypt 82% Mil. Str. Formidable (GDI Republic: 1st Nod conquest)
  • Benin 80% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Democracy: Conquered by Nod)
  • Namibia 74% Mil. Str. Insignificant (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Sudan 72% Mil. Str. Reasonable (Neutral Mil. Dictatorship: Joined Nod)
  • Tanzania 68% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Ivory Coast 67% Mil. Str. Reasonable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Angola 66% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Cameroon 62% Mil. Str. Reasonable (GDI Occupied Republic: Liberated by Nod)
  • Zaire 54% Mil. Str. Reasonable (Neutral Republic: Joined Nod)
  • Nigeria 50% Mil. Str. Reasonable (GDI occupied Transitional Regime: Liberated by Nod)
  • Central Africa 49% Mil. Str. Laughable (Neutral Republic: Joined Nod)
  • Chad 35% Mil. Str. Laughable (Neutral Republic: Joined Nod)
  • Mauritania 24% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Islamic Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Gabon 22% Mil. Str. Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)