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Militia tank (Generals 1)

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Militia tank
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Main battle tank

The Militia tank is a cut vehicle from Command & Conquer: Generals.

The militia tank is a small tank that has the appearance of the Battlemaster tank (with a different set of tracks) and has same damage as the Crusader tank.

The tank can be found in the civilian vehicles list in Worldbuilder.

It has placeholder audio from the Crusader Tank and also fires the Crusader's tank shell, and moves at the same speed.

However, due to not having some key modules added into its code before it was cut, it will attempt to fire through buildings and can fire UP cliffs and actually hit its target (the shell will float over the cliff, but will hit the building in these examples).

It is unknown why it was cut, or what it was going to be  used for or who would use it.

It's tracks will also always animate, even when stationary. The tracks will also actually move backwards.