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Mind Struggle

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RAM Gameicon.png
Mind Struggle

Morning Sun


Child of Amaterasu

Part of

Post-War Crisis


Post-Psychic Dominator Crisis


Imperial victory


Empire of the Rising Sun

Soviet Union


Rescue Izumi

Defend the base


Unknown Imperial Commander



Wave-Force artillery
Wave-Force tower
Nanotech Mainframe
Chopper VX
Captured Airbase
Defender VX
Ore refinery
Instant Generator

Airbase or Airfield
Military garrison in the area

Mind Struggle is the third mission in the Imperial campaign of Command & Conquer: Red Alert Mobile. In this mission, the Emperor orders the commander to rescue the captured Izumi from a Soviet military facility.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Emperor informs the commander that the Empire has been experimenting on Psi weapons for a long time. However, one of their most precious assets, a psionic commando named Izumi, has been captured by the Soviets while in sleep training. She must be rescued before the Soviets unlock the secrets of psionics.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The key is to build your defenses, before going on the attack. Don't build the Airbase and Nanotech Mainframe until your defenses are established - you need the resources also to build units.

Here's the detail... Build Tank Busters to garrison the nearest four buildings and keep replacing as needed. You will need resources from two Ore refineries in keeping pace with the attack, so expand your base east with two Instant Generators and two Wave-Force towers, then build a Ore refinery on the Ore mine. As fast as possible, send Wave-Force artillery tanks at the east to keep the enemy tanks at bay, in conjunction with the Wave-force towers. Build Defender VXs between the garrisoned buildings as an air attack will come soon. Add Wave-force towers, if you have surplus resources.

When you are building tanks faster than the enemy is destroying them, you can build your Airbase and go onto the attack immediately. Go east first and destroy the base there with helicopters. Once you destroy the eastern base, they will attack some more of yours from the north, so re-focus your defenses there. Then go to the northern base and finally north east. Send a ground unit to each base to search for the captive. Job done!

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