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Missile turret (Red Alert Mobile)

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Missile Turret
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Anti-air base defense





Air attack

Anti Air Missile

Attack range


Sight range


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The Missile Turret is the Allies' anti-air base defense used during the Post-war Crisis.

History[edit | edit source]

The Missile Turret is the successor of the Patriot missile system used in the previous wars. It consists of two rotatable armored boxes, which contain six surface-to-air missiles. After Anatoly Cherdenko altered the space-time continuum, the Missile Turret was replaced by the more versatile Multigunner turret.

Game Unit[edit | edit source]

The Missile Turret is a powerful anti-air weapon, capable of destroying a Kirov with three or four salvos. However, like its predecessor, the Patriot, it is incapable of attacking ground units.

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