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Biographical information
Gender Male
Political information

RA2Alliedlogo.png Allied Forces

Occupation US officer
Rank General
Game information
Actor Robert Eustice

Monnage is the US General during the Second World War nad Third World War. He worked in the Pentagon and assist General Carville in his job.

Second World War

He is Carville's aide, advising an unnamed commander during the Soviet invasion of Europe. Gunther von Esling, the Supreme Allied Commander, is helped by Monnage to push Soviet forces under Stalin and Gradenko out of Germany and Greece. After the Allied victory, Monnage comes to aid Carville later on.

Third World War

Monnage is briefly seen during the briefing of Operation: Deep Sea where Carville, glad to have his office back, tells the famed commander to directly go to Pearl Harbor to defeat Vladimir's naval forces. After Carville was assassinated, Monnage was affected by the suicide bombing and was present at Carville's funeral.

Behind the scenes

General Monnage was played by Robert Eustice in Retaliation and Red Alert 2.

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