Morning Sun

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Morning Sun

Blood of Brothers


Planning Ahead


Mind Struggle

Part of

Post-War Crisis


Post-Psychic Dominator Crisis


Imperial victory


Empire of the Rising Sun



Destroy the enemy base

Repel all enemy forces


Imperial Commander

Allied Commander (Red Alert iPhone)


Chopper VX
Mecha Bay
Ore refinery
Instant Generator
Instant Dojo
Nanotech Mainframe

Apollo Fighters
Ore refinery
Power Plant

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Morning Sun is the second mission in the Red Alert iPhone game. Yoshiro orders his Imperial Commander to destroy the enemy base that's going to lead an attack on his before Apollos can devastate the entire staging ground.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You are aiming to get at least six Choppers in total, preferably eight.

Build in this order with an Instant Generator afterwards. While this is building, move all tanks to the gap in the right of your base. An Instant Dojo and then make at least 5 Tankbusters as of positioning them to protect your choppers. An Ore Refinery, more Instant&nbsp Generators, a&nbsp Mecha Bay and also one Nanotech Mainframe which leads to the Allied Airbase. Leave some space for this near your Ore Refinery.

Now order eight Choppers and direct them to the north of your base. Attacking jets should be taken out with Tank Busters, you need also to protect your choppers with them.

Once you have at least 4 choppers, send them all together to the top right of the playing area. Follow them as they go. Do not attack ground buildings, but attack all jets that will fire on you before continuing your way through.

Once at the top right, move south again and only attack Apollo jets. You should then attack the Ore refinery, followed by a Power Plant. This pretty much disables the enemy's construction. You will now have at least four more choppers in your base. Send them via the same route and use some attacks from your tactics as the previous four. You can then pretty much, trash the enemy base. The mission is done.

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