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Nagama Dojo
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Trains Infantry

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Nagama Dojos are some of the oldest Dojos in the whole Japan. They were founded by the Nagama family, the ancestors of Shinzo Nagama.

History[edit | edit source]

Two Nagama Dojos were sighted in Tokyo Harbor during the final battle between the Allies and the Empire. They were functionally identical to Instant dojos with full upgrades, capable of training advanced infantry such as Rocket Angels and Shinobis. Both Dojos were destroyed by the Allies during the battle.

After the end of the war, Shinzo retreated to his ancestral homeland of Shin Iga Province, and planned to rebel against the Allied occupational forces and Tatsu (who surrendered to the Allies and cooperated with them). During the battle between Shinzo's forces and the Allies, some of Shinzo's soldiers, knowing that his rebellion was hopeless, agreed to assist the Allies in exchange for lighter sentences. The Allied Commander recruited them by capturing the Nagama Dojos in the area with the help of several Imperial engineers sent by Tatsu.

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