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Night Moves

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Night Moves
Gideon, Separatist commander
Gideon, Separatist commander

TCN Conflict


Ascension Conflict

Part of

Ascension Conflict


1 May 2077 (12 hours before the start of the Ascension Conflict)


Outskirts of New Adana


The Ascension Conflict erupts between GDI and the Nod Separatists


Nod Separatists

Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative


Escort three trucks into New Adana and assassinate Kane

Investigate Nod Separatist activity





At least one Crawler with accompanying forces
Obelisk of Light
Stolen GDI vehicles

GDI and Nod patrols
GDI stronghold with at least two Crawlers

Night Moves is a prequel mission in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, taking place about 12 hours before the official campaign start.

It is only available to players who pre-ordered the game and is attached to the player's account. However, the mission can be played in co-op with players who do not have the mission attached to their accounts. Victory Games added the mission to all willing players' accounts upon a forum post requesting the mission between 2011 and 2013.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Kane intended to unveil the Tiberium Control Network at the TCN's opening ceremony at New Adana, with GDI assistance. However, the Separatist leader Gideon wanted to use the event to assassinate Kane with his own invention, the DS-7 Obelisk of Light.

The Mission[edit | edit source]

Nod Separatist leader Gideon infiltrated the area with a Crawler under the cloak of night, equipped with modular Obelisks of Light. He ordered his commander to steal three trucks carrying components of the Obelisks of Light in the area and send them into New Adana's unfinished tunnel system, where they would be hidden until it would be too late. Stealth was key in this operation as even a minor skirmish could alert GDI personnel. Finally, to cover up the operation, Gideon's forces attacked and destroyed at least two GDI crawlers in the vicinity. At one point the Separatists took over a Mammoth tank husk and reactivated it to battle against the GDI forces. By the time GDI found out that the Separatists had stolen three trucks, the Separatists had already escorted them into the unfinished tunnel system.[1]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

This seemingly aggressive attack by the Nod Separatists on GDI would later start the Fourth Tiberium War twelve hours later. It had been assumed that Gideon's plan would be enacted in the GDI mission 'Beginning of the End' as Commander Parker had to escort Kane to the TCN Opening Ceremony and destroy the Obelisks of Light blockading the way. As a result Gideon's plan was foiled at the last hurdle by Parker.

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References[edit | edit source]

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