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Nod Pyramid (Cairo)

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Nod Pyramid
The Nod Pyramid, Kane's North African Command Headquarters in Egypt
The Nod Pyramid, Kane's North African Command Headquarters in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt




Partial Tiberium contamination


Missile silo. Headquarters of Nod North African Command


Brotherhood of Nod

Appears in

Tiberian Sun


Final Conflict


Destroyed at the end of the Second Tiberium War

At the very end of the Second Tiberium War, Kane was located at a new Nod Pyramid, a significantly larger one than the Giza Pyramids and Hassan's pyramid. GDI forces, including commander McNeil himself were able to defeat Nod and enter the facility, which resulted in Kane's death. The pyramid itself was capable of firing powerful missiles, such as the Tiberium Missile. The temple housed the missile in an above ground chamber which was heavily armored, rather than buried in the ground. An enormous blast door could be placed between the missile and the rest of the temple to ensure that the extremely hot exhaust would not kill anyone observing the launch. Beyond that, decoded Nod transmissions reveal that, as expected for such a command center, there was a huge amount of computers and computer equipment on site and available for use by Kane. As GDI forces have been unable to explore the interior of this structure, most of its actual construction details and internal facilities remain a mystery.