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Nod in the Post-Kane Era

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Nod in the Post-Kane Era is a book that was published by Ficus Quartermaine, which focused on Nod and included a fragment on Alexa Kovacs.[1]

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

Raised in near isolation by migratory Nod separatists on the edge of what would become the Central African Red Zone, Alexa Kovacs was orphaned in her pre-teens. After surviving over a year alone in the burnt-out remains of her parents' homestead, Alexa was discovered mute and near-starving by a patrolling group of Nod scavengers.

Intelligent and pragmatic, she quickly took up her rescuers as a rookie zone runner. Kovac's devout religious beliefs and near-preternatural understanding of cybernetics and AI quickly garnered attention within the Brotherhood, leading to her enrollment in the Nod Academy.

Rising quickly through the ranks post-graduation, Kovacs quickly developed a reputation for coldness, reserve and near-fanatical religious dogmatism that segregated her from her peers - and drew attention of Kane himself. Despite her youth, Alexa was raised to the level of Abbess and enlisted to participate in one of the Nod's leader most secretive projects - working on the development of LEGION, a CABAL-derived experiment combat AI.

References[edit | edit source]

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