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Nod support powers in Global Conquest

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The following is a list of all Nod support powers in Global Conquest. Nod has more support powers that summons strike forces than any other faction. Also, most of their support powers are the cheapest in the entire game, costing only 1000 credits.

Support Powers[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Cost Cooldown Description
Vertigo Strike CNCKW Vertigo Strike Cameo.png 3000 credits 2 turns As long as a Tier 2 base is present, a Vertigo fleet can be launched to strike either a Scrin or GDI strike force. This is similar to the Orca strike made by air forces of GDI. Like their GDI counterpart, note that they only destroy at least 50% of the target (e.g. destroys 5 APCs in a strike force composed of 10 APCs) and it's best used against larger strike forces.
Raise Marked of Kane CNCKW Raise Marked of Kane Cameo.png 1000 credits 2 turns Another Tier 2 support power, this one creates a strike force consisting of 4 of every Marked of Kane cyborg, 3 Shadow Teams and 2 Beam Cannons. It can only be deployed in a Nod base's Area of Influence, so it can be used to delay an enemy attack.
Rouse the Black Hand CNCKW Rouse the Black Hand Cameo.png 2000 credits 2 turns Requiring a Tier 3 base to be available, this support power calls forth some of the Black Hand's army (nicknamed "Confessor Group"), consisting of 4 Black Hand flamethrower infantry, 4 Fanatics, 2 of every Tier 1 Black Hand infantry, 2 Mantises and 2 Flame Tanks in a Nod base's Area of Influence. Because of its more destructive power than the other 2 Nod support powers that create strike forces, this one is able to take down undefended Tier 1-2 bases with little effort.
Guerilla Repairs CNCKW Guerilla Repairs Cameo.png 1000 credits 2 turns An exploitable support power indeed, any strike force can be fully repaired anywhere with this power at a minor cost, without even returning to base. This is very effective when a heavy or ultra heavy Strike force has recently destroyed a powerful base/strike force. However, this support power requires a strategic building of its own before it can be utilized: the Tiberium Forge.
Stealth Field CNCKW Stealth Field Cameo.png 1000 credits 2 turns A larger but cheaper version of the Cloaking field support power, this support power is only accessible via the construction of a Disruption Generator. One use is to cloak Nod bases that doesn't have the innate effect of at least being Tier 2 and having its defenses upgraded (cloaking the entire base because of the Disruption Tower). Another is to cloak Nod's battalions from threatening support powers from their enemies (especially GDI's Orca strike). Note that it only affects an area, meaning once the affected strike forces leave said area, they will lose their invisibility.
Rouse Militants CNCKW Rouse Militants Cameo.png 1000 credits 2 turns Yet another support power that spawns a Strike force; however it requires a Propaganda Center before it can be used on a nearby Nod base's Area of Influence. Despite the name, icon and information, the support power actually spawns Marked of Kane infantry instead of default Nod infantry. Even more surprising, the composition of the strike force, named "Vanguard Group", is very similar to the other Marked of Kane-related support power (specifically, the 2 Beam Cannons are replaced by 2 Fanatics).
Rouse Insurrection CNCKW Rouse Insurrection Cameo.png 1000 credits 2 turns Mirroring the insurrection on Rio, this support power increases the Unrest of a single city, as long as a Propaganda Center is present. It may be used to turn orange-colored cities into red-colored (full Unrest), further contributing to the alternate victory condition of Nod. Due to GDI's counter to it (Supply Aid support power to be exact), it is best used when the Supply Aid power is still on cooldown and/or on cities nearby a Nod base but not on full Unrest level.
Fury of Nod CNCKW Fury of Nod Cameo.png 1000 credits 3 turns Requiring a Propaganda Center, this support power is a sign of Nod's influence over Earth's population. It has a weaker effect than its single target counterpart over cities, but it can affect multiple cities within its area of effect. Also, it has the benefit of damaging enemy strike forces as well; it is handy to use it when a strike force close to nearby cities is planning to construct a base there, or when said strike force is just in the way.
Nuclear Missile CNCTW Nuclear Missile Cameo.png 5000 credits 4 turns Available via the presence of a Temple of Nod, the name of this support weapon explains itself: it heavily damages Strike forces and Bases in its target area. Despite C&C game logic, it is able to completely destroy a Tier 1 base, like all superweapons in Global Conquest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In Global Conquest, EVA says "nuclear missile activated" instead of "nuclear missile launched" that is normally said in regular gameplay.

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