North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
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Military alliance


NATO Secretary General
Supreme Allied Commander


American arsenal


Brussels, Belgium

Date established

4th April 1949

Date dissolved



War against the GLA



NATO, otherwise known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance formed in April 1949 by twenty-eight countries from both North America and Europe.

Member states[edit | edit source]

Generals Universe[edit | edit source]

When the War against the GLA erupted, NATO was quickly forced into action against the GLA, after UN convoys in Almaty were looted by GLA troops, US airbases in Turkey were destroyed and the subsequent assassination of a UN diplomat.

However, NATO was taken by surprise as a resurgent GLA successfully struck directly against the US Central Command in Germany and crippling the US Mediterranean Fleet in Greece with the sinking of the USS Reagan. With NATO's main command in shambles, the Chinese took over as the Americans pulled out of both Europe and the summit to deal with their homeland security issues. Remaining NATO forces provided support to the PLA after the First Battle of Stuttgart as Chinese forces battled across the city in the Second Battle of Stuttgart, along with Coburg, Halberstadt and Hamburg itself.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The United States' forced self-isolation from its former allies paved way for the dissolution of what remained of NATO following Europe's liberation. The new Eurasian Unity League was formed to replace NATO as the new military alliance of European nations led by China.