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Nuclear Escalation

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Nuclear Escalation

Paradox Equation




Counterstrike Soviet ending

Part of

Second World War




Eastern Europe


Soviet destruction of the Mobile headquarters in the region.


Soviet Union

United States


Destroy the Mobile headquarters
Attack the mobilised Allied army there with a full arsenal

Destroy the Soviet forces


Field Commander S7

Field Commander A9


Full Soviet arsenal including the Nuclear missile silo

Full Allied arsenal including the Mobile headquarters

The Allies are testing a new air-fuel bomb in this area. Terminate their tests.

Destroy the Allied presence in the area, but be wary of their test-runs.

The target coordinates for the tests are kept in their relay station in the western base. If you take control of the station, the location of the tests will be revealed to you.

The runs themselves can be stopped by destroying the tech center in the northeast base.

Do not fail us.
- Mission briefing

Nuclear Escalation is Counterstrike's final mission in the Soviet campaign, ranking eighth place during 1948 as the Allies lose this entire battle to make way for a communist victory.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Allies in western Europe have established Mobile Headquarters as part of setting up shop against the land speed and a financial operation for the Red Army. Gradenko told the Premier and Ukraine's leader that some of these have been set up in European cities such as Berne, Berlin, Athens, Geneva, Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Reykjavik and London as their main headquarters. Field Commander S7 is ordered to take out the one held in Eastern Europe before massacring a village in Poland using Sarin gas and a small force to begin World War II. The Commander must use the missile silo in downing this Mobile headquarters straight there after he's sent to the area.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

With the Command Center destroyed, the Soviets achieved one massive stroke against the Allied Forces. A village called Toruń was now becoming rogue and Stalin called them "enemies of the people" before he swore that every man, woman, child, soldier and jeep (a controversial breach of discrimination) must be all killed by an up-and-coming Soviet Commander.

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