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Nuclear missile strike

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Nuclear missile strike

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It's a nuke! Incoming!
- GDI soldier, Tiberium Wars

The Nuclear missile strike is a superweapon in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath, that will nuke a selected area on the battlefield. The Nuclear missile strike is activated at the Temple of Nod. It takes 7 minutes to prepare. Overall, its destructive power surpasses that of the Ion Cannon; it deals a larger amount of damage and in a greater radius than the Ion Cannon, though the damage dealt by the Ion Cannon very close to the centre is slightly higher. 

The missile design bears resemblance to the SS-25 Sickle ICBM used by the former Soviet Union. It appears to be a 3-stage missile, and it carries a single warhead. The missile is seen in entirety during launch, but only the warhead descends to the target - a more realistic representation of how ICBMs work in the real world. 

The warhead takes 7 game seconds to reach its target.

It is worth noting that a Decoy Temple of Nod will have its own timer for the nuclear missile strike as if it were a real one, in order to confuse the enemy.

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