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Omega Program

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Yuriko clones inside Shiro Sanitarium

The Omega Program was an Empire of the Rising Sun psionics research and development program founded years prior to the Third World War.

History[edit | edit source]

The Omega Program was the result of years of effort by the paramilitary firm Shiro Psychic Research to develop a system intended to augment the Empire's armed forces[1], as an alternative to Japan's increasing dependence on high technology in its military affairs[2]. It was based in Shiro Sanitarium in Tokyo, and was led by Doctor Shinji Shimada, a prominent researcher in the field, famous for his controversial yet groundbreaking thesis of latent psionics and the next stage of human evolution[1].

Shortly before the outbreak of the war, psionic commando Izumi, one of the project's most vital assets at the time, was kidnapped by the Soviet Union while in sleep training. Fortunately for the Empire, an Imperial Commander launched an attack on the Soviet military complex where she was kept, and successfully retrieved her.[3]

However, after a catastrophic escape attempt (encouraged by Izumi) by another psionic candidate named Yuriko caused billions of yen worth of damage to the Shiro Sanitarium, she replaced Izumi as the Empire's psionic commando [4]. The damaged facility was rebuilt, and thousands of clones were created based on her [5]. They were used for various purposes, from serving as commando units and powering the Empire's Psionic decimator superweapon, to being used to power medical devices.

The Omega Program was presumably terminated for good after Yuriko returned to the Shiro Sanitarium and completely leveled it.[5]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Products[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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