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He's targeting the Implants. He knows the Implants are the key to my Ascension... and also to saving this planet!
- Kane

Optical implants were a type of technology that was developed after the Incursion War by Dr Johann Pascal who worked secretly with the Prophet Kane. The basis of the design came from the advanced knowledge within the Tacitus similar to the Tiberium Control Network which meant that both the implants and the TCN were linked to the Scrin Portal. Their intended purpose was to provide sight to those who had lost the functioning of their eyes through an accident.

These devices were reported to had been used by the engineers involved in the creation of the Tiberium Control Network. In addition, depending on the success of these cybernetic implants, it was expected that they would be present fleet wide within GDI forces in a months time. Following the Incursion War, a GDI Commander suffered serious injuries in stopping the destruction of the GST Methuselah which led him to losing his eye sight. However, Dr Pascal later placed an optical implant within the Commander's eyes thus returning his vision to him. Unknown to the Commander, he was one of five Implants that were connected to the TCN and thus received mysterious visions that sometimes led to him losing consciousness. When taken by Kane, it was revealed that Dr Pascal had designed the optical implants with the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod's help and that they were vital in linking the TCN Nodes as well as activating the Scrin Tower.

The reason for this was because Kane intended to use the unique programming within the optical implants to activate the Tower and thus ensure his Ascension. However, both Colonel James as well as Gideon of the Nod Separatists worked against him in this mission. Gideon later murdered both Professor Williams and Dr Pascal which left the Commander possessing the only optical implant left. In order to ensure the Commander's survival, Kane had him surgically altered to look like the Prophet. Later, the Commander used his optical implant to activate the Scrin portal but was shot by Colonel James. Though he died, the Commanders activation of the Scrin Tower sent Kane along with his followers to parts unknown as well as activated the TCN which began to reclaim the planet from the ravages of Tiberium.

Known Implants[edit | edit source]

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