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Czech Republic








Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


Infiltrate Nod Base
Finish The Nod Base


Ostrava is the same location if GDI attacks the wrong building, leading to a larger assault on the Nod base.

Ostrava is a city in the Czech Republic of Eastern Europe. This was where a Nod base is spotted and one GDI Commando is to target a Nod Airfield in the process.

First Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

The Right Building, Part I[edit | edit source]

J.C. Carter told Solomon to send a Commando in destroying an Airfield belonging to the Brotherhood of Nod in the Czech city of Ostrava. The Commando was sent to the area, but during the briefing, the GDI soldier doesn't say which building is the target. With the infiltration complete, the Commando destroys the Airfield that Nod keeps their aircraft flying in the skies to attack GDI's offensive in Europe. If the Commando destroys it, then Nod forces lose their supply lines and will skip Finish The Nod Base for the moment and Solomon is to get to Austria where GDI's presence is to be restored near Salzburg. This happens in the middle of the First Tiberium War.

The Wrong Building, Part II[edit | edit source]

If the Commando destroys the wrong building, the entire mission fails. J.C. Carter and Solomon said that the building wasn't identified as of which was to be destroyed. The GDI forces decided a large assault should destroy the whole Nod base to bits and this was set up. The entire GDI force sent to Ostrava established a base and were ready to strike the enemy base. A clash of GDI and Nod forces was intensifying, but GDI came out with a strike to the base and destroyed the Construction yard, killing the Nod Commander in charge of Ostrava. With that done, the GDI forces moved to Salzburg to restore their presence over there.