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RA1 Gameicon.png
An Allied Medium tank on fire after it was attacked by a Soviet MIG
An Allied Medium tank on fire after it was attacked by a Soviet MIG

Liability Elimination


Destroy the Allied navy

Part of

Second World War


Southeastern France


Soviet victory


Soviet Union Logo 1950.gif Soviet Union

CNCRA Allied Forces Emblem.png Allied Forces

  • Escort three supply trucks to opposite end of map. At least one must survive.
  • Prevent Soviet convoy from reaching their destination.

Soviet Union Logo 1950.gif Soviet Commander

CNCRA Allied Forces Emblem.png Unknown

  • 4 tanks
  • 5 aircraft
  • 3 supply trucks
  • Spy plane (unlimited)
  • 2 destroyers
  • 1 convoy of armoured reinforcements

You must defend a Soviet convoy that is moving through Allied occupied territory. Using the new MIG jet and a compliment of Yaks, get the convoy through the area intact.

Be careful -- your resources for this mission are very limited. If at least one truck makes it through to the other side, the mission will be a success.
- Mission briefing

Overseer is the eleventh Soviet campaign mission in Command & Conquer: Red Alert.[1]

The mission is to escort three friendly Supply Trucks to the opposite end of the map using four Heavy tanks. The route however, is blocked by the Allies. The Soviet Air Force will assist the convoy, but their resources are limited with the exception of the Spy plane. If all four heavy tanks are destroyed before they reach their objective, the trucks will attempt a run for it. When the Soviets are halfway through the map, a timer will trigger. If it ends, a convoy of Allied tanks will arrive from the east and give chase. The mission is a success if at least one truck makes it to the end.

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MiG incapacitating a tank (mission accomplished cutscene)

References[edit | edit source]

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