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POW logic was a cut feature from Command and Conquer: Generals. According to the beta version of game, the players were supposedly able to collect POWs (prisoners of war). As with many other features, it was likely removed due to time constraints.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

We'll transport the detainees.
- US POW Truck driver

All three factions have individual POW trucks designed for this purpose. Normally, only the American POW truck can be seen in the game, in the third USA mission where you have to protect the escaping forces. All three also have selection pictures and a full voice set.

Most infantry could be incapacitated and then captured (even GLA Workers could be captured). Heroic units such as Colonel Burton, however, remained unaffected by this system. Many infantry do have unused surrender animations and voices for surrendering.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Each faction had their own method of capturing infantry:

Put your arms in the air!
- Ranger preparing to restrain enemy infantry
  • USA Rangers used their flashbangs to incapacitate hostile infantry. Some in-game voices for the Ranger (when ordered to attack with flash-bang grenades directly) still reference this. The POW Truck took them to the (defunct as of Zero Hour) Detention Camp, where they powered up the CIA Intelligence special power. Each successive POW would increase the duration of the ability anywhere from 30 seconds up to 4 minutes in total.
  • Chinese Red Guards used stun bullets to incapacitate enemy infantry. The Chinese POW Truck took them to the Propaganda Center, where they powered up the Defector special power. This special power, removed from the final game, converted enemy units to your side.
He will be our hostage.
- Rebel loading tranq darts and ready to fire
  • The GLA Rebels fired tranquiliser darts to capture POWs. The POW Truck took them to the Prison, an unused building which was completely removed from the final game. There, it powered up the Demoralize special power, which made enemy units fire at only one fourth their normal rate.

Despite being removed, much art and coding from the POW logic system still remains in the final version of the game.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The "Defector" ability is still functional, and has functional coding in the American Command Center (likely for testing purposes or related to Leaflet Drop). If modded back into it to the game, it works as intended; select a unit (radius 0, could be edited) and it will be converted to your side, after which you have a short period of time before it is considered an enemy unit by the opponent.
  • The models of the Chinese and GLA POW Trucks, and the GLA Prison, have been removed from the original game, however they can be accessed in the expansion, Zero Hour's game files, even though they're unused even there.