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For the Allied tank of the same name, see Paladin tank (Red Alert iPhone).
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Paladin Tank
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Usa.gif United States
China.gif Leang


Advanced battle tank


120mm Ramjet-Assisted Cannon
Point Defense Laser

Hit points

500 (600 with Composite Armour)

Armour type

Tank Armor



Build time


Produced by

USA War Factory
China War Factory (Leang only)


1 promotion point



Ground attack

80 (gun) (Armor Piercing)
100 (laser)


2000 (gun)
1000 (laser)


30 (25 if badly damaged)

Attack range

150 (gun)
65 (laser)

Sight range


Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone
Gen1 Composite Armour Icons.png
Composite Armour
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training

Shooting missiles down

  • Strong vs tanks, buildings, missiles
  • Weak vs aircraft
Preserving freedom.
- Paladin Tank leaving the War Factory

The Paladin Tank was an advanced American main battle tank during the War against the GLA.


Deployment history

Entering battlefield service as an advanced prototype, the Paladin quickly gained favor with US Generals. Early in the GLA conflict, Crusaders often made up the bulk of armored offensives, as in the attack against GLA-occupied Baghdad. In the later stages of the war, the Paladin became an increasingly common sight within US armored columns. The Paladin is the first US units to use Point Defense Laser whose technology saw use later in the conflict in units such as the Avenger.

Throughout its service in the war, the Paladin was revered for its superior survivability over the Crusader due to its tougher armour and its point defense laser, which can destroy anti-tank missiles and rockets. The laser is also surprisingly effective as a makeshift anti-infantry weapon, capable of burning enemy infantry to death.


Paladin using its laser to stop Stinger missiles.

The Paladin is a heavily armoured and well-armed main battle tank. Its main gun is more powerful than the Crusader's, and is very effective against enemy vehicles and structures, and its armour is also more durable than that of the Crusader.

However, its true strength lies in its Point Defense Laser, which can neutralize enemy missiles and rockets before they reach the tank. It can also function as an anti-personnel weapon, capable of killing enemy infantry that get too close for comfort.


Only the main US Army has access to Paladins, which is odd in the case of General Townes, a regular user of laser technology. Rumor has it that Chinese General Leang possesses Paladin technology and that she uses it in place of the indigenous Battlemaster tank.

Due to the advanced nature of the Paladin, only high-ranking US generals are authorized to deploy these tanks.



A welcome addition.
- Paladin upgrading with a Battle Drone.
Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone The Scout Drone simply fed battlefield information to the vehicle crew, increasing their sight range and revealing nearby stealthed units. Costs $100.
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone The Battle Drone was armed with a small machine gun to defeat enemy infantry, and could also repair its parent vehicle. Costs $300.
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone The Hellfire Drone, available in Zero Hour, fired a small but surprisingly powerful missile against enemy ground units. Costs $500.

Drones can be further upgraded with Drone Armor.


Gen1 Composite Armour Icons.png
Composite Armour This upgrade improves the armor of each Paladin. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $2000
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training Allowed Paladin, along with all other USA units gain veteran status twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500



It will be an honor.
- Paladin Tank attacking.

Despite being costlier than most other tanks, the Paladin fared better against rocket-toting infantry and was by no means slow or cumbersome for its class. Often, the Paladin is used as a Scoprion deterrent, as its Point Defense Laser can nullify incoming Scorpion rockets, minimizing the losses incurred on its side of the shootout. Its double-duty capabilities also make it favorable for removing Scud launchers and their ballistic missiles. On a lesser role, Paladins serve as close-range fire support against infantry, as the Point Defense Laser is potent for killing infantry in one to two hits.


Doing what's right.
- Paladin Tank attacking.

The Paladin's laser proves to be an effective active protection system against missiles, but the laser's poor rate of fire leaves a lot to be desired. A common tactic is to overwhelm a Paladin with more missiles than it can handle.

In open combat, the Paladin's inability to outshoot artillery and outrun bombardment becomes an exploitable weakness. Additionally, in warfare that does not involve missile carriers like Scorpions and RPG troopers, the Paladin's point defense laser becomes useless: the Paladin depends on a combination of armor, firepower and active protection to survive; abandoning the third characteristic forces the Paladin to fight short of one important combat perk.

Highly unconventional warfare such as vehicle theft and crew-killing is also a problem for Paladins. Jarmen Kell, GLA's elite marksman, could disable the Paladin by sniping its crew, leaving it open for commandeering.


Selected Quotes

Paladin tank in the field.
- When selected
Is there a threat?
- When selected
Polished and ready.
- When selected
Keep it clean.
- When selected
Doing what's right.
- When selected
Preserving freedom.
- When the Paladin leaves the war factory
Closing the distance.
- When moving
- When moving
Yes sir.
- When moving
Taking her in.
- When moving
We're moving.
- When moving
Enemies of the free world.
- When ordered to attack
You can depend on it.
- When ordered to attack
We fight for peace.
- When ordered to attack
It will be an honor.
- When ordered to attack
It's the right thing to do.
- When ordered to attack
Protecting our people.
- When ordered to attack
We'll have to crush them.
- When ordered to run over
If they don't move, they'll be crushed.
- When ordered to run over
They shouldn't stand in our way.
- When ordered to run over
A welcome addition.
- When deploying a Battle Drone
Something we can count on.
- When deploying a Battle Drone
It will be good for morale.
- When deploying a Battle Drone

Cut Laser Paladin Quotes

Lasers will keep it clean.
- When selected
Keep those reactors safe back there.
- When selected
Setting our goals high.
- When selected
Laser Paladin.
- When selected
Protecting the modern world.
- When ordered to attack
Punch 'em through.
- When ordered to attack
Bringing home the bacon.
- When ordered to attack


  • In older unpatched skirmish games, the Paladin's laser occasionally destroyed launched Chinese nuclear missiles, usually in one shot. The turrets also bend sometimes.
  • Even though the Paladin tank is Leang’s main battle tank, she does have to spend a point to get it.
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