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Paralysis Whip in Effect
- Rocket Angel using the whip
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Paralysis whips are secondary weapons that Rocket Angels can switch to. They can disable any ground unit. The weapon can even paralyze commandos and vehicles, but they cannot use this weapon on aerial units. When a unit is disabled, it cannot attack or move. If the whip is disengaged, the unit can instantly start moving or attacking again.

The mechanism behind this contraption may best explained as a joint electrical inducted wires which entangle unit and deliver a stun effect to target. The wire is somewhat very durable and flexible enough to penetrate any vehicle and "touch" their motoric coupling, imbued it with electrical shock with the result comparable with Terror Drone's statis ray. The electric current is not powerfull enough to induce wounds to infantry (barely enought to paralyze). Air units cannot be targeted as they do not provide "ground" for electric induction.