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South-west United States of America


North America






Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod (invasion)

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun


Reinforce Phoenix Base

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, the US state that was first under attack by Nod forces on September the 2nd, 2030. After the Nod Commander of Phoenix Base was shot dead in battle, GDI forces then saved the entire city.

The Battle of Phoenix[edit | edit source]

GDI forces were pursued by a Cyborg near the city of Phoenix. With reinforcements managing to rescue them and destroying the ruthless Cyborg, a nasty accident had been seen when one of the reinforcements accidently crash-landed onto the field and the pilot was killed in action. Commander McNeil recaptured the base and established it to set up operations there. After this, he trained some forces and scouted in the city taking out Nod resistance there before a meteor shower destroyed Nod forces on a bridge in the south-east corner of the battleground. The GDI forces later destroyed the Nod base in the north where the pursuit first started and the Nod Commander in charge of Phoenix Base was killed. GDI forces later saved the whole city and moved towards San Simon.