Planning Ahead

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Planning Ahead

Wind of War


Morning Sun


Passage of Centuries

Part of

Post-War Crisis


Post Psychic Dominator Disaster


Eastern Europe


Allied victory
Top secret project confidental from Soviet presence


Allied Forces

Soviet Union


Send a Spy to infiltrate the Battle Lab
Get Tanya to destroy it
Use a Ray Copter to destroy the Heavy tanks

Kill Tanya before she destroys the laboratory.


Allied Commander (Red Alert iPhone)
Lt. Eva McKenna

Soviet Commander (Red Alert iPhone)
Alexander Romanov


Special Agent Tanya
Ray Copter

Battle Lab
Heavy tanks

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Planning Ahead is the second Red Alert iPhone mission in the Allied campaign. Lieutenant Eva McKenna briefs the Commander about the next mission, held in Eastern Europe.

Background[edit | edit source]

Yuri's war in 1973 proved an Allied-Soviet alliance between the United States and also, the Soviet Union as Yuri was about to be charged with war crimes inside a special isolation chamber after his wasteless defeat in Antarctica. Since the recapture of an Allied base at Danube River, Eva McKenna told the Allied Commander that a Battle lab is found somewhere in Eastern Europe and contained some top-secret documents on something, Alexander Romanov wants to do before new Premier, Colonel Anatoly Cherdenko can assassinate Albert Einstein using the second Time Machine. The Allied Commander is sent to fight the decision and battled the Soviets to find the documents using a Spy and Special Agent Tanya.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the documents in hand, Tanya was nearly killed by a Heavy tank division coming for her, but a Ray Copter destroyed them all before the tanks could take down Tanya. With the documents now in Allied hands, the Commander is sent to deal with both Bronislav and Romanov at their own side of the battlefield.

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