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Point Hope

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Point Hope



North America


Cold climate


City, cape


TS GDI logo.png Global Defense Initiative (mentioned)

RA2 Flag USA.png United States

Appears in

Tiberian Sun
Red Alert 2


Red Alert 2

Point Hope is both a cape and a city in Alaska, on the northern coast of the US state. This is where a battle between Russia and the USA (the two superpowers) took place on the cape where the Soviets had to destroy the Chronosphere.

Tiberium universe[edit | edit source]

Second Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

Michael McNeil was a cleaner as he investigated Tiberium spreading at Point Hope and he was actually stationed there to disrupt any uprisings from the re-surfaced Brotherhood of Nod. When the Brotherhood struck Phoenix Base in Arizona on September 2, 2030, McNeil was forced to leave his cleaning duties and fight with GDI forces as their new field commander. His superior was a veteran from the first war, James Solomon and this attack had started the Second Tiberium War against two common enemies.

Red Alert universe[edit | edit source]

Third World War (Red Alert 2)[edit | edit source]

With Yuri dead and documents found in his office, Lieutenant Zofia spoke to the Soviet Commander that the final American base is at Point Hope in Alaska. The American forces have their one last chance to prevent communism spreading to the world. The Commander established his full arsenal and made a seaborne landing backed up by land and air forces, crushing the American base blocking it. With the Tech Airport destroyed or captured, three rogue Kirovs are attempting to bang the Soviets' main base and if successful, the victors continue their mission in destroying the Chronosphere which is their final target.

Following the Chronosphere's destruction, the Soviet Commander becomes Premier of the USSR replacing the deceased Alexander Romanov and Yuri in his mind after escaping the Commander saying:

It would have been good to see inside your mind, General. I may still get the chance...
- Yuri saying he survived and voicing inside the new Premier's mind

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