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White House (Nod mission)

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White House
White House being captured by Nod
White House being captured by Nod

Goddard Space Center


Andrews AFB


Hampton Roads

Part of

Third Tiberium War




White House, Washington DC, BZ-2


CNC3 Nod Logo.png Brotherhood of Nod

CNC3 GDI logo.png Global Defense Initiative


Protect the White House
Destroy all Nod forces


Legendary Insurgent



Attack bike
Raider buggy
Militant rocket squad
Militant Squad
War Factory
Power Plant
Tiberium silo
Tiberium spike

Command Post
War Factory
Power Plants
Twenty-one V-35 Oxs
Rifleman Squad
Missile Squad
Logistics Center

An attack on the White House will simultaneously deal a terrible blow to GDI morale and serve as a distraction from more important targets. We've infiltrated a strike team into downtown DC and they are standing by for your orders. Take command of your force and proceed with your mission.
- Mission briefing

White House is one of the first two missions available in the Act I of Tiberium Wars Nod campaign.

Background[edit | edit source]

In order to divert GDI forces from defending more vital objectives, as well as undermine their morale, a plan to capture the White House was put in motion. A small Nod strike force was infiltrated to downtown DC to prepare for the assault.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Let's take these flying targets down! (south-east, east and south)
- Another Militant Squad officer saying the transports are coming.
Nod starting base

You begin with a base already set up and a small force composed of buggies, attack bikes and some militants. Immediately you are given a bonus objective to capture two Tiberium silos and two Tiberium spikes. The latter is essential, so do it immediately. Once an income source is secure, build up an attack force - the logistics center is lightly defended by several rifleman squads with a single barracks supporting them, so six Raiders should be enough to clear them out. Secure the silos, fortify the buildings along the northern edge of the visible map with militia then destroy the logistics center.

According to radar, GDI shot their whats! They got no more reinforcements coming. So put the pedal to the medal and finish off the last of their forces.
- Ajay, happy about the twenty-one V-35s shot down at the White House.
Nod force attacking Logistic Center

The entire map will be revealed now and a new objective added, to destroy the enemy base in front of the White House. As tempting as a frontal assault seems, it's ill advised, as they are well entrenched and simply stronger at this point and they will start air dropping reinforcements to attack you. Hold the line with the fortified buildings and focus on destroying the incoming transports. LEGION will advise you where they are coming from. Meanwhile, build up an attack force and amass it near the logistics center's ruins so that it can support some militia holding the buildings and gain experience. Once a large enough force has been built up, simply rush the White House and destroy all the marked structures.

This will be considerably easier if you manage to take out the enemy power plants by the sides with Attack bike attacks.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Fulfilling Ajay's request, the insurgent hung Nod banners not just over the oval office, but all over the White House. GDI morale sagged as a result, creating a nice diversion for Nod to proceed relatively unhindered.

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