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Pulse scanner

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Pulse scanner
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CNCKW Steel Talons Logo.png Steel Talons


Alarm system

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Detects stealth

A pulse scanner is a piece of equipment utilized by the Steel Talons branch of the GDI. Using the same scanning technology as the Orca, it scans the surrounding area for the slightest hint of an object matching any recorded enemy profile, and when it detects such objects, sends a distress signal to the nearby Steel Talons forces.

Just like the Orca's rechargeable pulse scan ability, these scanners are capable of detecting even stealth units. However, the device needs ten seconds to transmit the signal, and the time can be used by the enemy to destroy the scanner, which has no way to defend itself.

During the Second Nod Reunification War, five of these scanners were deployed near Black Hand leader Marcion's headquarters in Australia, whose forces have found a way to circumvent the scanners. LEGION's forces, however, had to resort to destroying them to prevent detection during the persuasion of Marcion.

Marcion's forces, however, did not trigger these scanners.

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