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Purification Incendiary Delivery System

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The Purification Incendiary Delivery System, also known as the Purifier Incendiary Delivery System, was a weapon system developed by the Brotherhood of Nod for their SG-11 Salamander.

The Black Hand were legendary for the relentless annihilation of anything that stood in their path through the use of their horrifying flamethrowers. This reputation was invaluable to Kane against his enemies over the years and through a combination with the sheer destructive power of liquid-Tiberium infernos, they were able to create the Purifier Incendiary Delivery System. A large array consisting of compressed liquid Tiberium tanks were used to fire a localized plasma stream that continuously expelled hot plasma into the surrounding area. The effects on the physical environment were evident with total incineration of any target in the effected area.

This had proven to be an effective weapon against enemy troops due to the psychological effect which was significant.

In Game[edit | edit source]

Two oval pods on either side of the Salamander will open and expel fire downwards three times. Each time is more damaging and has a wider area of effect than the previous, immolating everything underneath the salamander in a firestorm.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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