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Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds

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Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds
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GLA (Prince Kassad only)



Build time


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Kill infantry with a single shot

I'll put them all to rest.
- Quad Cannon with Snipe Rounds upgrade, ready to put the infidels to rest

Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds upgrades are available for $500 at Prince Kassad's Palaces (only in campaign). Quad Cannons can kill an infantry with a single shot like a sniper but this ability will not work on anything else.

It is presumed that, originally, Kassad was to have sniper rounds in his Main Faction, but they were most likely cut because it instantly kills infantry in one shot, it would make the Kassad quad cannons (upgraded with Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds) very strong against infantry, but unbalanced and overpowered at the same time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Originally, the Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds upgrade was supposed to be a special unit only for Prince Kassad called the Quad Sniper Cannon (or Sniper Quad Cannon or Quad Cannon Sniper) but it was removed for balancing reasons, only the quotes remain into the Zero Hour sound files.

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